Tropico 3: Gold

Tropico 3: Gold

Ever wanted to be a dictator?


  • Original gameplay
  • Realistic political scenarios
  • Create your own dictator
  • Choose famous historical figures


  • Difficult to get into

Very good

Tropico 3 Gold is the a bonus installment of the third part of the Tropico series where you play the part of a crazed dictator in a small Caribbean nation.

Tropico 3: Gold Edition which offers 10 new mission campaigns that aren't available in Tropico 3. Tropico 3 Gold challenges you to build cities and play the part of an all-powerful “Presidente” in a resource-rich paradise. It’s your choice whether you play the part of a benevolent dictator or a ruthless thug.

In Tropico 3: Gold, you have control over everything from your island’s infrastructure to its economy and diplomatic relations with competing superpowers. You have to deal with the demands of domestic disputes as well as manage international relations in a game which is loosely based on the Cold War (and with more than a hint of inspiration from Cuba and Fidel Castro).

There are two main modes: a 15-mission Campaign Mode and a Sandbox Mode where anything goes. There are plenty of real-world elements such as election recounts, rebel attacks, bribery and corruption to deal with. You can also pick to play famous characters such as Che Guevara, Evita Peron and Fidel Castro. Alternatively, you can create your own dictator and write your own speeches and manifestos.

Tropico 3: Gold takes elements of Sim City but with an original political twist that makes it an excellent game.

The time is yesterday and the Cold War is in full swing. Through means devious and dubious you have seized power in the Caribbean island country of Tropico, where you now rule as the all-powerful “El Presidente”. No matter whether you turn Tropico into a vacation paradise, a police state or a modern industrial nation - you will always have to defend your actions before your people! Wander through Tropico as El Presidente in order to intimidate political opponents, hold populist speeches or just to enjoy your country’s own Caribbean flair.
Tropico 3: Gold


Tropico 3: Gold

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